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Corporate name Tokyo Tapping Machine Co., Ltd.
Head Office 20-16 Higashi-kojiya 1-chome, Ota City, Tokyo 144-0033 Japan  TEL: 03-3743-5321 FAX:03-3744-5253
Founded 1958
Capital 10 million yen
President Koji Shimazu
Employees 30
Transacting bank Sumitomo Mitsui Banking, Omori Branch Office/Johnan Shinkin Bank, Haneda Branch Office


  [Head Office] 20-16 Higashi-kojiya 1-chome, Ota City, Tokyo 144-0033 Japan 9 minutes on foot from the Keihin Kyuko Electric Railway Line Otorii station 15 minutes by car from JR Keihin Tohoku Line Omori Station

Belonging organization

  • 日本精密機械工業会(JAPMA)
    Japan Precision Machine Association(JAPMA)
  • 日本ねじ工業協会
    The Fasteners Institute of Japan

Sales point


By using abundant models and a variety of tools, Various tapping methods are realized now!

Since foundation of the Company, we have continuously developed and improved nut tapper machines so that they meet requirements of the time. As a result, aiming serialization of bent shank nut tapping machines as our pivotal products, we have abundant lineup of machines including straight tapping machine, normal / reverse tapper and the like now. In addition, by diversifying tools that can be replaced as attachments, we have established the system to correspond to various work shapes. Our products are highly evaluated not only by major nut manufacturers in Japan but also in the overseas markets as SHIMAZU brand Super 2-shaft Tappers. By now, our tapper machines have been used in 73 countries. Now that we celebrated the 50th anniversary of foundation in 2008, we are aiming a higher goal and intend to provide meticulous services so that we can correspond to requests for every type of work shapes. If you provide a sample of the actual work or drawing, the most suitable model may be selected, while prices of the necessary tools will be quoted. Besides, as we are pleased to provide you with various advices concerning the tapping process, please do not hesitate to ask us any questions by using the following inquiry method:


設計作業1 設計作業2

Design works

For design works: ・Mechanical design department From the stage of a new product development, this department designs the machine and parts that fit to the customer’s unique nut shape. ・Electrical design department This department carries out designs of electric systems encompassed from designs of control panels to production of sequencer programs.
部品加工作業1 部品加工作業2

Parts fabrication process

For parts fabrication process: In this process, parts are fabricated based on the designed drawings. Because the parts that have our unique structures such as shoot rail, guide, etc. that largely affect accuracy are used, we are making efforts for enhancement of accuracy by manufacturing some of the parts at our Head Office Factory.
仕上げ作業1 仕上げ作業2

Finishing work process

For finishing work process: The once fabricated parts are subject to the finishing process so that further precision is facilitated. After the finishing process, the fabricated parts pass the fine tuning process prior to the assembly. Then, they are transferred to the machine assembly process.
機械組立作業 機械組立作業

Machine assembly work process

Machine assembly work process: To begin with, the tank body is painted in the designated color at our Factory No. 2. Upon completion of the painting, various kinds of parts and electrical part are assembled. After completion of all assembly works, we carry out screw thread cutting of nuts by using the sample nuts supplied by the customer in order to check the fabricated result of nuts and to verify there is no problem in the machine. After completion of the final tuning, the entire machine is cleaned up and packing / shipping works are carried out.


完成1 完成2

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