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  • SUPER-Series

    The tapper specialized for through-hole nuts, which employs a bent shank nut tap.
    This is the best seller machine highly evaluated as the tapper that yields the highest productivity.
    By utilizing the leading-edge electronic control technology, it detects fabrication failures.

  • LR-Series

    High nuts and color nuts that cannot be fabricated with a bent shank nut tap can be produced by the hydraulic chuck system, while large diameter / thin type hexagon nuts can be processed by the CB clamp system.
    The dedicated straight tap is used. A processed nut is taken out after each screw cutting, which allows continuous automatic fabrication.

  • ST-Series

    A dedicated machine for continuous fabrication of domed cap nuts and bottomed nuts.
    A tapping unit made by Sugino Machine is mounted. In case that the servo type is selected, parameters such as stroke setting can be set as digital values.
    The work holding mechanism used during automatic conveying and screw cutting is designed for the respective works.

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