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The specialized machine for continuous fabrication of domed cap nuts and bottomed nuts.
Ready made Tapping unit is mounted. In case that the servo type is selected, parameters such as stroke setting can be set as digital values.
The work holding mechanism to be used during automatic conveying and screw cutting is designed for the respective works.
A straight tap (but limited to the form rolling tap) that is available in the market is used.
The automatic conveying is carried out by rotating the index table. In case of work holding with a collet chuck, there are four stations divided by 90 degree each. In case of work holding with a rotation stopping hexagonal guide, the machine has six stations divided by 60 degree each.

Select by shape of nut

ST Nut
ST Nut
Range of screw processing
ST(BT)-14 M4~M14×P1.5


Model ST(BT)-14
Range of screw processing M4 to M14 x P1.5
Nut tapping style Upright type reciprocal tapping unit
Pitch sending type using a feeding gear
Work fixing method Pneumatic collet chuck or turn stop hexagonal hole guide
Shape of tap used Form rolling tap
(Hand tap type available in the market)
Tap replacement style To be fixed with a dedicated sleeve or a tap holder available in the market
Work feeding style Parts feeder + Linear feeder
Stroke setting for main shaft rotation & screw thread cutting To set stroke by the tapping unit
Main shaft motor spec. Servo-motor 0.6 to 2.7 kW
Induction motor 0.35 to 2.2 kW (3 phase / 4P)
Ready made Tapping unit
Main shaft rotation range To be determined by the selected unit
In case of servo type ST4: 550 rpm
Main shaft control method Dedicated driver (Ready made Tapping unit)
Coolant pump Dip type coolant pump
180W (3 phase / 2P)
Hopper driving motor *
Hopper driving motor Induction motor
25W (3 phase / 4P)
Hydraulic unit *
Control device Sequencer / Touch panel
Production counter Touch panel(Tap lifetime / total count)
Failure detection items Conveying motions of nut feeding, nut clamp, etc. / tapping unit / torque / empty
Other remarks For auto conveying, in case of the chuck type using an index table, it is divided into 4 by 90 degree angle. Incase of hexagonal hole guide, it is divided into 6 by 60 degree.
Two shafts or single shaft can be selected.
A mist collector can be attached if necessary.
Main replacing parts Nut feeding terminal / nut taking-out hand collet chuck(hexagonal hole guide)
Cutting lubricant tank capacity 100L
Machine size 2300 mm x 1720 mm x 1950 mm H
(in case 2 shafts / ST4 is selected)
Machine weight 2000kgs
Other standard functions *
Options / others Screw existence inspection / processed hole cleaning
Production volume per minute (for reference) 3 to 7 piece / One axis

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